About Jeff Mcbride

Psychic Medium

About Jeff Mcbride

Psychic Medium

Jeff is an Internationally known and tested reader with over fifty years of connecting with the spirit world. A born Psychic Medium, the author of “Living in 2 Worlds”, a Certified Reiki Master, and  a former police officer, Jeff has been able to feel the spirit world for as long as he can remember. Being a natural born Psychic Medium, Jeff requires no tools to obtain your information. He connects quickly to those who have passed on, and provides clients proof of who is being contacted. All energies are available and all problems can be addressed: questions about relationships, business decisions, where to locate lost items or pets, and so many more! Distant viewing, energy healing and life coaching are all part of what is offered in your reading.

We are all

Born with a Specific Gift

For me it is the ability to live in the physical world while maintaining constant communication with the spiritual world. This is how I was born. Since early childhood, I’ve been able to see and talk with spirits. Through my adolescence I turned to these people at times for assistance in my decision making. As I matured my ability increased, and my trust grew stronger with every success that I was guided to. Through time I learned I could use this ability for the well being of others. I offer you this site as an alternative source of imformation that can be used for your personal progress.This information could come from a past relative, a future event, or a change of mindset that will lead you to your answers. Take a look around and and see what what’s available to you!

Peace of Mind

To avoid being over whelmed in times of grief, confusion, or ill health try to continue with the daily routine. Try to focus on the small steps that you need to take to get you further along. If my leg is broken I need to accept that I won’t be going out for a run for awhile. I also know there will be a time of rehabilitation required to get my strength back.

It is the same process with emotional pain. We need to remind ourselves that the present conditions are temporary. This is not meant to minimize what it is that has caused such change, but a reminder to know it can and will evolve.

Success doesn’t come about without sacrifice. It always needs help from others in your life. I have been given help when needed in many forms. The most prevalent form of help or guidance that I receive is from my spiritual strength. I have an ability to hear and see things before they happen. Some people call it being psychic. I say it is a matter of calming my mind to a point where the brain allows me to connect with energy that is already known.

Listen to that inner voice. Life requires us to move forward. The best way to do that is to take care of ourselves in the physical, this will keep our brain as healthy as possible

Go to the, Readings page to know a past, present and future you. Read, “Living in 2 Worlds” my book about growing up clairvoyant and the spirits that surround us all! Where will your desires bring you? Let’s find out. Start making your changes today.

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