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A lot of clients ask me, “Do you talk to angels? What about special spirits? Is this magic? Will you use cards, or the trigrams?” In reality, all I do is look at the energies around a subject. It may be an animal or a person that has passed on. It may be the energy of an object.

My philosophy in this work is precisely about those energies. It’s like turning on a radio and dialing into a frequency. It can take time, it can be tough, and sometimes a signal is regrettably too degraded or what is being said is too cryptic to understand. The only way I can put it is as if I am connecting to an energy source, one which is pure and connects all of us together.

These energies are interconnected, so in most cases, I don’t need to go somewhere to hear the messages and decode those frequencies.

In the past, these energies would interrupt me, taking me out of my day. I would struggle to handle those energies at my work, no matter how useful they were as a police officer or as an actor. Today, I am able to instead interrupt the flow of that energy, which allows me to figure out what is going on in your world.

Frankly, this leads me to be disenchanted with the terms “medium” and “psychic”. I think both of those ideas have too much involved that isn’t necessary. Instead, I like to think of it in scientific, sensory-perception terms. I like the term “sixth sense”: It’s another sense, just like your sense of smell and sense of balance. Just like any sense, it isn’t always perfect. It can be misleading, and I have spent decades honing it to discover the truth. But with it, I routinely find something that other people missed, something that will almost always help.

I use my ability for telepathic (and empathic) communication to commune with the dead then to speak to you. During these communications, the spirits are laying themselves bare for us. If a client asks me to speak to her dead father and tells me that he was in the military, then those experiences become more readily available: Her dead father, like in life, wants to help and wants to communicate. If a client asks me more about other parts of his past, I will begin to hear and experience those aspects of that life. And just like with the memories of your loved ones, I don’t need to go in any kind of linear or chronological or even logical order. I can commune with the spirit to understand their life at any point and to find the messages you need to hear.

Sometimes, it can feel like I am sticking my nose where it doesn’t belong! But the spirits are almost always open. They want to share. They’re beyond the point of caring about their privacy. So I interrupt their energies to get to the part of their life that matters for you, and they eagerly cooperate.

I feel like it’s more important to focus on the energy of both my subject and their intended person or persons that they wish to communicate on than the specific processes, so while I will always try to tell you what I am doing, I prefer to simply give you the information you need in an order that works for you.

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