Living in 2 Worlds

Living in 2 Worlds

by Jeff Mcbride

This is a true story of a young child’s discovery of his clairvoyant abilities.
Walk through the boyhood home of this writer and experience the “fellow occupants” that live with him and his family.
This story will make you laugh and learn about his visions and the life that surrounds us all.

Read how it is to struggle to live in the middle of all is human, and the unrelenting spiritual influence that is constantly present.

Take the ride along with him. Learn how he incorporated this powerful force into his life which guided him to success and though adversity.

You will read how he has accepted the things that have happened to him with a mindset of lessons learned. These lessons gave him the tools to use for him to guide others.

This true story is an eye opener for all who read it.

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living in two worlds

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