Psychic Reading

Why should you consider a Psychic Reading?

All of us have things going on and going wrong in our lives.

Oftentimes, a psychic or energy reading can help you sort out the finer and more subtle problems in your life, the situations that you may be seeing incompletely or even completely missing.

There are times a reading will reveal past occurrences that are creating issues in your present life. There is also an opportunity to look ahead as well.

The look ahead can provide you with insight as to how to better reach your goals. I can counsel you on things to avoid and things to do. Think of it as a look into what your life is about.

My readings are considered very detailed, calming and fun. I’m here to assist you, not scare you!

Now, let’s take a look at what is going on in your world.

Psychic Mediumship

 Ghosts, Spirits, And The Boogeyman

A Medium is someone who is able to communicate with the soul energy or spirit energy of those who have lost their human body. The spirit lives on despite the death of the corporeal body, and so does the person’s ability to communicate.

The issue is that not everyone has the mental ability to tap into that type of communication. (Can you get a phone call without your cell phone?) That’s why people use mediums as a middleman.

My ability to connect with the spirit energy of someone happens during a medium reading. I frequently will be able to tell you details of someone’s passing, what they have to say to you, what they look like, and what unfinished business they had. The healing is also passed on to the person who has left you. They will hear from you, which brings comfort to their soul too. The spirits miss you. The people in your life who loved you still want to hear your voice, even as they have moved on.

If you find yourself needing to resolve some questions or simply need to hear from a lost loved one, contact me. I will do my best to reach this person for you. Many people have life-altering experiences during these sessions.

Remember: If you could talk one last time to a loved one, you would!

 How I gain information



The term refers to the ability to gain visual telepathic information about an object, person, location or physical event through means that are beyond the conventional human senses. Literally translated, the French meaning of the word is clair meaning clear and joyance meaning vision



This term refers to the ability to gain auditory telepathic information about an object, person, location, or physical event through means beyond the conventional human senses. Literally translated, the Latin and French roots mean “clear hearing”.



This term refers to the ability to acquire senses and thoughts about an object, person, location, physical event or even an abstract idea through psychic means. This “clear sensing” includes a range of feelings, both emotional and tactile.



This is the ability to become a medium or a throughput between the physical world and the spiritual world.

Jeff McBride is an amazing psychic medium. He has done readings for me that have been very accurate. Whether you want to hear from loved ones that have past or if you have questions about your life. Jeff is the psychic medium to call. I have had him at my house for a few group readings & loved my reading & watching other guests reactions as he reads them correctly. Call Jeff & you will be happy with your readings.

Donna Gardnerhttps://

It is rare indeed that a psychic will rave about another psychic, because after all, we can be the toughest critics, but I must publicly praise the expertise, accuracy and insight of Jeff’s work. If you are looking for a reading that will enlighten, uplift and intrigue you, look no further. Truth be told, I occasionally refer my own clients to his additional insight.

Cori Saveninelli

I have had several different experiences with Jeff. My first experience was a mediumship reading, wherein he brought my dad in.He had me in tears not because I was sad but because it was so genuine it was like having my dad right here something I sorely needed. He truly lives between two worlds. The other experience I have had with Jeff was life saving I had many physical ailments and with Jeff’s amazing gifts he continually got me out of pain daily.. He is a blessing totally amazing

Joanne S.